Jetty CBD Reserve

Jetty CBD RESERVE Broad Spectrum is crafted in small batches and carefully refined to preserve more CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids like CBC, CBN and CBG. It’s approximately 300mg of total cannabinoids per 500mg, with no cutting agents — and independent test results published on every box. Ready to use in an premium CCELL™ disposable vape pen, signature wood-tip cartridges and the versatile Dablicator™ Oil Applicator.

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Available Flavors

A sweet, citrus-forward flavor  experience honoring one of the  most popular strains of all time

Also known as Granddaddy Purple or GDP,  our broad spectrum hemp CBD blend  recreates the signature berry and grape  notes unique to the much-loved strain.

AC/DC is among the more CBD-rich  cannabis strains, making it a perfect  fit for a full spectrum CBD version. It’s earthy, woody and 100% natural.